Visitors are welcome to attend one-day activities without further invitation. Attendance at longer outings is subject to the approval of the Leader of the walk, after sponsorship by a Club member.

In order to apply for membership a prospective member must complete at least four Club walks within a period of twelve months.

A prospective member should look at the monthly Circular which contains a programme of the walks for that month and usually for the following month. If you find a walk that you are interested in then you should contact the person who is nominated as the Leader of that walk and inform him or her that you would like to come on the walk as a Visitor. On the day of the walk you will be required to record your name and contact details on an attendance form provided to you by the Leader and you will then be listed as a Temporary Member of the Club.

For membership details, email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Visitors Fee

A $5.00 fee is charged to all visitors attending club walks.

The Executive considers that it is appropriate for visitors on club walks to make a contribution towards the cost of insurance. When visitors complete the Attendance Sheet they then become Temporary Members of the club for the purpose of that activity, and they are then covered by the Club's personal accident insurance. Many other bushwalking clubs have such a fee to help cover costs.

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