Joining the Club

Membership of the Melbourne Walking Club is open to anyone, male or female, aged 18 years or over. A yearly membership fee is paid by all members, which is currently set at $65.00 for members residing in Victoria. Reductions are available in certain circumstances ($5 for age 80 or over or residing outside Victoria, $5 for payment by 30 June each year, and $10 for full years' circulars emailed rather than by post). The membership fee is reviewed annually.



Visitors are welcome to attend one-day activities without further invitation. In order to apply for membership a prospective member must complete at least four Club walks within a period of twelve months.

Note: A $5.00 fee is charged to all visitors attending club walks. Click here for more details.

A prospective member should look at the monthly Circular which contains a programme of the walks for that month and usually for the following month. If you find a walk that you are interested in then you should contact the person who is nominated as the Leader of that walk and inform him or her that you would like to come on the walk as a Visitor. On the day of the walk you will be required to record your name and contact details on an attendance form provided to you by the Leader and you will then be listed as a Temporary Member of the Club.

The form also contains an Acknowledgement of Risks and Obligations of Temporary Members. In broad terms, by signing the Acknowledgement, the Visitor agrees to:

  • Comply with the Constitution and by-laws of MWC and directions of the Leader of the activity,
  • Be aware that the activity may involve some exposure to risk of injury, illness etc.,
  • Ensure that the activity is within his or her capabilities,
  • Carry food, water and appropriate equipment,
  • Advise the Leader of any medical, physical or other limitations which could affect participation,
  • Make every effort to remain with the rest of the party, and
  • Accept all risks associated with the activity and release the MWC, the Leader and others from all liability arising from participating in the activity.

The full wording is spelt out on the form which visitors are to sign prior to start of the activity.

The attendance forms are sent by the Leader to the Membership Officer and after completing four walks within a twelve month period you can apply to the Membership Officer for membership. All membership applications are considered by the Executive Committee at one of its regular meetings.

You are welcome to contact the Membership Officer if you have any queries concerning membership or the activities of the Club in general.

The initial annual subscription includes insurance for that year, the cost of the Club Badge, and a monthly Circular which contains details of forthcoming events, activity descriptions and other information. The Circular is emailed or posted to each member.

The Club carries a Public Liability Insurance policy covering all members when on official Club activities. In addition, the Club has Personal Accident Insurance for members, which is subject to an upper age limit.

Membership gives equal rights to all members with entitlement to stand for any office within the Club. The current Club membership is approximately 275.

For membership queries, email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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